Surf Playa Venao

Playa Venao reputedly has the best beach break in all Panama. The main wave breaks left and right with the best waves from medium to high tide. You can surf year round in Playa Venao with waves around 95% of the time. The drier months, (November to May), bring the off shore winds making every wave almost perfect.

Never surfed before? Well, now might be the time to try. With a sandy bottom and no rocks in sight, Playa Venao is recognized as being a great beach for beginners. Boards are available for rent and instructors are on hand to give private or group surf lessons or just such tips should you need any. Come and play in the warm surf. You could be a pro in no time.

Surf Shop
The El Sitio Surf Shop is well stocked with all the well known brands of surf and beach gear. We have a selection of surfboards and boogie boards for rent or purchase, and sell all the necessary accessories. We also have a great selection of bathing suits, bikinis, wraps, flip flops and most other beach items you might need.

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