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Served until 11:30 am (Sun 12:00 pm)

Muzli  $7

Fresh fruits, yogurt, homemade garanola and honey.

Shakshuka  $11

Israeli style eggs, tomatoes and peppers stew served with homemade bread.

Labneh  $9

Middle eastern creamy cheese, olive oil and za’atar, served with homemade bread. 


Healthy Morning  $9

3 eggs vegetables omelet, homemade nut bread, fresh fruits with yogurt and granola.

Spanish Breakfast  $9

Chorizos, arepa, fried eggs, beans, chipotle, coleslaw salad.

Panini $9

Fresh toasted panini with muenster cheese, prosciutto and onion jam.

El Nido Breakfast  $.9

2 fried eggs hidden in homemade bread, anti pasti, balsamic. 

Banana Split Crêpes  $8

Nutella, banana slices, vanilla ice cream and caramelized almonds.

Belgium Waffle  $8

Nutella, caramelized almonds, ice-cream.

 Fresh baked rolls & butter $5 


Kids Breakfast

Melted Cheese Sandwich  $4

Two cheese sandwiches, carrots.

Pancakes  $6

3 freshly made pancakes served with syrup.

Simple Wake up  $6

2 eggs omelet, toasted bread, jam.

Extras: Bacon, fried egg  $1



Natural Fruit Juices and Shakes  $4

Papaya | Banana | Pineapple | Passion fruit | Orange | limon | Mix

Milkshakes  $4.5

Vanilla | Chocolate | Coffee 

Hot Drinks    

Cappuccino | Mochaccino | Chocolate        

      Small $3  Grande $4                                     

Black coffee | Tea | Espresso

     Small $2.5  Grande $3

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